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Bachelor of Science, Technology, Health
Mention Chemistry

A 3-year course to train students in the major areas of contemporary chemistry


The Bachelor of Sciences, Technologies, Health in Chemistry, is a three-year course that trains students in the major fields of contemporary chemistry: molecular chemistry, solid and materials chemistry, physical chemistry and chemistry of life. It aims, therefore, to give a solid and general grounding in chemistry to students, allowing them to move towards different research or professional masters. The first year-level (L1) is carried out within the multidisciplinary integration cycle, whereas the students join the Department of Chemistry for the 2nd and 3rd year-levels (L2 and L3, respectively).

MAJOR/MINOR training

The structure of the Bachelor of Sciences, Technologies, Health in Chemistry is based on a Major/Minor system, which gives the opportunity to students to follow a flexible curriculum. This system enables students to more easily plan their studies according to their own vocational project. In this context, the 2nd year-level offers to students a progressive specialization in chemistry.

Students can choose to combine the major in chemistry with a complement in the discipline or with a minor related to another scientific discipline (Computer science, Earth sciences, Electronics, electric energy, automatic, Life sciences, Mathematics, Mechanics or Physics) or with a minor in arts or humanities. They have thus the opportunity to follow a monodisciplinary bachelor program (60 ECTS*/year), a bidisciplinary bachelor program (60 ECTS*/year) or a bachelor dual program (72 ECTS*/year).

For a detailed description of these programs, one could refer to the webpage of the undergraduate Department of Chemistry.

Educational and Professional opportunities

The opportunities after the bachelor in Chemistry degree from Sorbonne Université are:

  • Research: Master of Sciences and Technologies in Chemistry, jointly appointed by Sorbonne Université and three French renewed engineering schools in chemistry (Chimie ParisTech, ESPCI and ENS), which includes four areas of specialty:

         - Analytical, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry (CAPT)
         - Chemical Engineering (IC)
         - Materials chemistry and physico-chemistry (MAT)
         - Molecular Chemistry (MOL)

  • Education and Training: Master in teacher and trainer training (MEEF master)
  • Professional: Integration into working life through the professional master program offered during the 2nd year-level (M2) of the Master of Sciences and Technologies in Chemistry from Sorbonne Université; this program is organized as a dual educational system, combining classical education and 780 h of apprenticeship.

  * : European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System Credits


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